Sarah Belkner ‘Animals’ – Review

Sarah Belkner’s alt-pop song Animals is all about primal love. Developed lyric-first; Belkner pushes her creativity as she explores new territory in this jungle-tinged number.

Of her new musical workings, she says, “They came from moving, thinking, writing and capturing all the insights and musings along the way, observing many different creatives (and creativity in general) and then realising in more universal terms that creativity means ‘passion’.  Finding it, working with it and trying to nurture and hold onto it.”

Having worked with an array of high-profile Australian artists including Olympia, Sarah Blasko and Missy Higgins, she’s been busy crafting her sound and is now ready to unleash her new music into the world.

Debuting her first song in two years, Animals is tinged with jungle vibes and draws on synth to embellish her signature vocals.

Check out the song below!

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