Words by Natalie Turner

British babe, Millie Turner has once again graced our Aussie air waves; this time with her latest single Ride This Train.

The track follows her praised release Swimming Pools which is adored for its delicate instrumentals and Turner’s soft vocals; just two of many things you will again find in this latest release.

Ride This Train is, first and foremost, an anthem of empowerment and one that will leave you feeling ever so confident as you bop your head to its echoing vocals and clicking backbeat, “We can ride this train, We can own the day”.

The track is layered so beautifully with each listen it showcases something new. Like finding something of value you had once misplaced– Ride This Train fills a sense of longing you didn’t even know existed.

Of all the wondrous elements to the song, Turner’s lyricism is definitely one to note, accompanied by a glowing soundscape and slow building instrumentals, Ride This Train embodies a dreamy synth-driven wonderland and will leave your lungs filled with breathes of fresh air.

This array of musical talent has not gone unnoticed… and how could it!?  Following alongside this release is the announcement that Turner will be joining indie-pop princess Tove Lo around Europe on her 12 date tour this coming March. But if tickets to Europe aren’t in the budget this month, take a listen to Ride This Train and you’ll feel she’s right in the room with you.

Not only is Millie one incredible songstress, she’s also proving her talent in film via the track’s freshly released music video which she creatively directed and starred in too!