Words by Natalie Turner

Looking for an escape of reality? Melbourne’s futuristic-pop provider, Zoe A’Dore truly takes you out of this world as she releases her fresh rhythmic ride, Galaxy. The free-flowing bed of synths and echoing falsetto vocals, will make you A’Dore her rendition of futuristic pop as much as we do.  

Along with creative input from Gypsy and the Cat’s, Lionel Towers, Zoe is using this latest release to hone in on her musical journey – from electric drums to her embellished song writing skills, Galaxy was meant for greatness from the get go.

The track embodies that desire to relive teenage rebellion – adrenaline fuelled mischief. The collection of electronic sounds pulses through the track much like the heartbeat of that troublemaker you once were. Increasing the vibration of sounds from start to finish, the track keeps the heart racing before Zoe’s chorus brings you back down to earth with her sweetened tone – it’s basically nostalgia and its finest.

Shining a glistening midnight light on the production, the mixture of breathable synths and complimenting waves of echoed sounds creates a match made in heaven; letting her vocals seamlessly make their way through the clicking back beat of the song.

Much like her 2018 debut single, Bury It the electronic aspect is definitely present, but this time she’s intertwining pop vocals and Grimes-like 80’s synths to create what we believe to be something truly unique. If mellowing out is what you’re after, let Galaxy be your guide.