Mighty Oaks ‘All Things Go’: An Ode to Life and Acceptance

Mighty Oaks have managed to calm and excite us all at once with the release of their new single All Things Go and simultaneous tour announcement for 2020.

Since the release of their self-produced EP Driftwood Seat in 2012, Mighty Oaks have found a home within the indie-folk genre. Combining three-part harmonies to create a unique sound, All Things Go is another beautifully crafted piece to put on their musical mantelshelf.

Having perfected their skills of story-telling and hybridising the acoustic guitar with modernised instruments, the Berlin-based band’s latest single is an exciting preview of their upcoming third studio album.

Nodding its head to the love story of American-Irish band member Ian Hooper’s parents who met in Munich in the 80s, All Things Go is a take on farewells, real love and acceptance.  

Alongside the single release, Hooper and fellow band mates Italian Claudio Donzelli and the UK’s Craig Saunders have also announced plans to tour across North America and Europe in 2020. Check out the full list of tour dates here!

Listen to All Things Go below.

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