Written by Natalie Turner

Originating from the luscious lands of Spain; rising neo-pop princess Ange has truly made a name for herself after topping charts with her debut single Cuando Va A Acabar. Since then, she has sparked chatter amongst not only music lovers but multiple publications and radio channels for her flavourful and emotive sound.

Angemade the bold leap to Australia in 2015 with the hopes of adding her own flare to the Australian pop genre and after one listen of her latest release Like I’m Crazy; you’re going to be glad she made the move.

Like I’m Crazy is an anthem of relaxation; one that will fill you with feelings of soul and bliss as you mellow out to its soothing aura.

Before we deconstruct the beauty of the instrumentals, we have to address the pretty, pink elephant in the room –  the vocals. Angelic, yet anything but innocent.

The soothing tone of her choruses mixed in with backing synths creates a super seductive sound, one that will dim the lights, run you a hot bath and poor a well-deserved glass of red wine all without you lifting a finger. Her vocals float seamlessly through the bed of the song much like a delicate warm steam slowly making its way through the air.

The instrumentals are placed perfectly in between vocal breaks, so you can appreciate the music and the vocals separately before the two elements re-join to showcase the song’s collaborative beauty – a pure match made in heaven. It’s foot tappingly Jazzy but radiates a cool, calm and collected vibe.

The track truly showcases Ange’s talent, while also driving an important message of empowerment and self-love through boss like lyricism.

“I’m sick of waiting, waiting for the day to be alright, to be with ya.”

From punching out Metallica ballads at the age of 15, moving over to heated Jazz then seamlessly transitioning to cool, rhythmic R&B; Ange truly is a master of all trades.

She’s a musically cultured asset to the Australian music scene, not just because of her Latin roots, but as her musical background gives a striking sense of perspective to her already refined sound.

Safe to say the new release has us eagerly anticipating her next move already.

Grab Like I’m Crazy with both hands and let her mellow, synth fuelled genius melt away all your troubles.