Ziggy Alberts Explores New Territory with ‘Intentions (22)’

Ziggy Alberts is not holding back in his latest single Intentions (22) in which he has forgone soft melodies in exchange for high-speed verses and clear, directed lyrics.

The single is a giant leap away from the coastal folk sounds that quickly became his signature style earning him international stardom. The genre mix-up shows an experimental side to the musician while demonstrating great versatility.

Intentions is, as my friend described it, a point marker track; a ‘this-is-where-I’m-at’ song, and details the last year of my life post-releasing Laps Around The Sun. I am continuing to grow as a singer-songwriter. As opposed to sticking to one genre and limiting myself, I’m trying to explore new directions. It was recorded in New York and I’m jestingly describing it as a ‘folk/rap’ song,” said Ziggy. 

Not only is the single a changeup rhythmically but also, lyrically. Many of Ziggy’s previous works were often dipped in metaphor and encouraged listeners to pull their own meaning. Intentions however, takes on a new formula in its lyricism with the artist leaving his usual subtlety behind.

“People say I’ve changed, of course I have
I went from playing backyards to being backstage
From house shows to having half made it
But everything is still heartfelt
I’m still sleeping in my van so speak for yourself”

The new style of writing is soaked with a true openness and shows that Ziggy isn’t about playing it safe.

Joining him on the single is Bridget Hollitt who lends her voice in the chorus, adding a silky layer to the fast tempo track.

The release comes off the back of an already successful year including a run of sell out shows both nationally and internationally for his Laps Around The Sun Tour, a performance at this year’s Splendour In The Grass and the release of Live EP A Postcard From An Australian Summer.

Intentions (22) is an exciting dive into new territory for the Australian musician. Listen to the single below and join Ziggy in his exploration of fast-paced verses and rhythm.

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