Female Artists to Watch

Meet: Reb Fountation

Noir piano and spoken lyrics form the shape of Reb Fountain’s cinematic single Samson. Mixing together dark, soft-rock and nostalgic musings; Samson is a penetrative track which digs its roots into innate curiosity.
The new single comes along with the news that Reb Fountain’s next full-length album is around the corner, set for release in May of this year.
Hailing from New Zealand, Reb has recorded and performed with the likes of Neil Finn and spent 2019 touring across Europe, the UK and the USA.
With a sound reminiscent of an early Lana Del Rae, Reb Fountain has demonstrated a talent for infusing a warmth into soft-rock tracks, creating music which becomes an immersive experience.


Meet: Athena Joy

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Athena Joy’s recently released single Just Like You is a dark pop production inspired by the need to feel strength in times of defeat.

 “I was feeling really sorry for myself in a kind of bitter ironic way – like of course this would happen to me it’s just like you, but instead of continuing to feel like the victim I wanted to feel like I could also be the strength that brought me out of this situation. I feel like the lyrics kind of explore both the vulnerability of what was going on as well as the strength I was needing to find to get through it.”

– Athena Joy

The single is Athena’s first release since her debut EP Blue in 2018.
Just Like You is an edgy and original track, reflective of the energy Athena Joy continues to bring to Australia’s musical landscape.


Meet: Millie Turner

Bringing an electropop sound to your playlist is London’s Millie Turner with her single Jungle; a fun and upbeat track fresh from her recently released debut EP Hide and Seek.
Bursting onto the scene in 2017, Millie has continued to grow and develop her sound with the release of her singles Ride This Train and Swimming Pool earning her praise from BBC Radio 1, dubbing her an artist to watch.
March is gearing up to be a big month for the songstress who is currently supporting pop princess Tove Lo on her touracross Europe and the UK.
Millie’s new single Jungle champions her English accent, reflective of a sound not too dissimilar to Lily Allen, and plays as a reminder of her place within the world.

“It’s a metaphor for my life in the city, or where I feel in the world, or even within society itself. It’s a place where I become entangled in the drama and wildness which can be both beautiful and scenic, like the incredible wildlife and scenes you find in a jungle. But despite the jungle’s ethereal beauty, it’s colluded with dangers that you become entrapped and caught in, which I guess what life can do. This song is a reminder to myself of the animalistic craziness in power structures within society, and the challenges life lures us into, and how to embrace and empower myself within that system.”

– Millie Turner

Combining an electropop sound with colourful vocals and textured beats, Turner has created another effervescent track which screams summer fun and we can’t wait to see what she does next.


Meet: Bel

Melbourne’s Bel is an expansive artist whose music draws on the raw and ugly nature of the world and the subsequent beauty when the two collide. Her latest track Better Than Me and its accompanying video are both a culmination of art, fashion and design.
From the release of her EP Melancholia, to performing at Falls Festival and supporting E^ST on a national tour; Bel continues to work towards her dreams rigorously.

 “My ideas and dreams scare me, like they should. I am an absolute perfectionist and I don’t take no for an answer. I have many goals lists under different headings such as music, fashion, philanthropy, business and healthy living. Musically, I want it all.” – Bel

– Bel

Looking to a multitude of creative forms to inspire her writings; she works from unfiltered perspective to put forth music which is authentic to her self.

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