The Middle Kids: Live at The Triffid

Over half-way through the Aus-NZ leg of their Real Thing tour; Sydney group Middle Kids are delivering performances filled with vigour and passion.

Not to be boxed in a single genre; Middle Kids music collides the worlds of alternative rock with romanticised indie tunes.

Diving headfirst into their Brisbane performance at The Triffid, the group kicked off the evening with energetic track Never Start before following up with On My Knees and Your Love.

Next up, recently released Salt Eyes. Lead singer Hannah Joy challenged the audience to listen deeper to the lyrics as she introduced the track.

“I have a very tenuous relationship with alcohol and I thought I needed to get drunk to be free but I realised it was the very thing keeping me trapped,” she explained of the tune.

The group have an enthralling stage presence. Each member unafraid to take centre stage and hold their own before reconnecting back into the group’s fabric seamlessly.

Maryland, Hole and Tell Me Something set the room’s energy before Edge of Town reminded the audience why the iconic Sir Elton John has love for the band. This track is stirring when heard alone, so the live performance was nothing short of beguiling.   

The fire shown in the first half of the show kept burning throughout with popular songs such as Beliefs and Prayers, Fire in Your Eyes and tour namesake Real Thing all making an appearance on the set list.

Lost Friends was another highlight of the evening as it told a widely relatable tale; rousing a feeling of familiarity tinged with self-reflection.

The end of the performance called for an encore with Middle Kids returning for one last moment with the audience as they played Mistake.

With a stage presence reminiscent of The Cranberries, the Middle Kids are carving their name into the evergreen tree that is the music scene.

Each part of their performance is fine-tuned, from their songs through to the exaggerated movement and playful group dynamic seen on stage.

Be sure to check them out at one of their upcoming performances!

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