Josh Needs Releases Explorative EP ‘Fault Line’

Rising singer-songwriter Josh Needs has dropped his new EP Fault Line, a six track collection exploring the concepts of grief, self-reflection, awareness, love and heartache. Playing with a darker sound, the EP was created in a bid to find purpose in lockdown following a breakup and a fractured wrist.

I needed to pour myself into my music to give me something to work on and look forward to when everything in my life felt so fragile. I had songs that felt “recordable” and connected with me deeper than anything I’d written or recorded before.

- Josh Needs

Featuring signature guitar stylings and vocals dripping with honesty, Fault Line showcases a versatility in Needs's creativity; harnessing a "hopeful oceanic" sound through to electric guitar strings before finishing on an almost western tinged track. Each track is a deeply personal penning, pulling on the artist's life and emotional experiences.

Title track Faultline is an auditory depiction of the loneliness he felt after moving back to his hometown during the 2021 lockdown. Silver Sheets is a dark, grungy, surf rock track while Operation takes a look into explicit guilty pleasures. 

Captain Lonely draws life from the see-saw of emotions felt post-breakup while Smoke + Mirrors tackles deception head on. The collection ends with Yesterday's News, a hopeful track and written on tour in Darwin as a culmination of his experiences. 

In short, Josh Needs' Fault Line has something for everyone, so get listening!


Fault Line Artwork

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