The Beamish Brothers ‘Kills Me Every Time’ Review

The Beamish Brothers recent release ‘Kills Me Every Time’ is a silky fusion of guitar, alt-pop sounds and smooth vocals.

The brothers have taken a minimalist approach to their latest song; stripping back to hero the guitar and the boys’ honeyed vocals, incorporating an electro-pop sound only when necessary.

‘Kills Me Every Time’ shows a shift in the duo’s musical stylings as they hone in on a maturing signature sound, a fitting follow-up after changing their name from The Beamish Boys to Brothers.

“The song itself is super sparse and minimal, which is what we always wanted. It features our vocals and Ben’s nylon string guitar front and centre, which is really the heart of what we do.
“We love that even though on the surface it sounds like an uptempo, danceable song, this story is actually somewhat dark,” says Jeremy from The Beamish Brothers.

Fans of Ruel, Shawn Mendes and Alec Benjamin will take pleasure in this track. Take a listen below!

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