The Kids are Coming and so is Change

Words by Sam Seedsman

The weekend has come early with the release of Tones and I’s powerful new music video for The Kids are coming.

Less than a week after the global climate strike, Tones and I has backed up the energy with her new visual masterpiece.

The clip has the same youthful edge as those on strike last Friday and addresses a number of topical issues and, given the fresh spin Tones has brought to the music industry, we expect nothing less from the fresh Aussie artist.

The clip draws you in with the dramatic sounds of horns, accompanied by visuals of a unified group of youths. Instantly, your focus is drawn to the beautiful mix of cultures; each individual in similar clothing embellished with hand-written typography. The shot emits a powerful sentiment of unity.

It’s not long before you start to pick up on the messaging embedded throughout the music video. With reference to climate change, LGBTQI+ rights and the Me-Too campaign, it’s clear that the message being sent to our predecessors is nothing but what the title of the song suggests; the kids are coming.

You can’t help but love the subtle “f**k you” to the generations before us as we begin to breakdown these social and political constructs.

Throughout the video you can’t help but find beauty in the light vocals as they are juxtaposed against the darkness of the video. Tones message is loud and clear with her latest release: the kids are coming and so is change.

Join the conversation and watch the enthralling video below!

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