Corner Store Cafe; where good coffee meets great tunes

The smell of freshly ground coffee and the gentle hum of friends meeting for breakfast, topped only by the rhythms of your favourite songs. Toowong’s Corner Store Café has learnt – and cherishes - the important role music plays in creating a venue’s atmosphere.


Having set up shop on the leafy street of Sylvan Road, Corner Store is consistently busy with a string of people eagerly awaiting their turn for a table a regular feature.

Despite their delicious seasonal menu, what really sets this venue apart is their attention to detail; with particular consideration given to their playlists’ effect on patrons.

This unique point of difference makes Corner Store feel both fun and exciting as it does familiar with certain genres making a home of the airwaves on certain days. Think nostalgic blues on your Saturday morning.

Corner Store owner and manager Kim Malouf takes pride in choosing music that appeals to every age; creating playlists to include the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Lime Cordiale and Black Keys through to Maggie Rogers.

Guaranteed every visit has heard the echo of “I love this song” or seeing the Shazam app being put to work.

“Corner store creates playlists based on music we love! We love a great mix and play anything from old classics to new hits.
We try to stay away from anything to hard core, heavy metal or too dancey so that we can still create a chill ‘dining in’ vibe. We play a few different genres such as blues, reggae, mild hip hop, rock, soul and contemporary.”

-Kim Malouf

The selection of tunes is no fluke of good taste but carefully curated to ensure it strikes a chord with all its patrons whether they be dining in or takeaway.

“I feel that Corner Store has a different customer base and we would like to make sure we have something on the playlist that will make everyone happy. The music that you hear in the takeaway section is exactly the same throughout the whole cafe. We have about 8-10 different 8 hour long playlists and we just play whichever one fancies us that morning," explains Kim.

“I feel that music is very important in creating a cool vibe for a cafe, without it it’s a completely different dining experience.”

Corner Side

While most cafés strive to make their coffee or a signature dish their hero, Corner Store Café’s music and subsequent atmosphere makes it an absolute must for anyone in the Brisbane area. The fact their coffee is always perfect is just an added bonus.

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