Hollow Coves debut album is all about living in the moment

Thoughtful lyrics, soft harmonies and invigorating percussion melt together in Hollow Coves highly anticipated debut album Moments.

Having captured our attention in 2017 with the release of their single Coastline, Hollow Coves have continued to grow from strength to strength. Their new album shows a maturity in their song writing; penning lyrics that are both comforting and inspiring.

Bandmates Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins say the album and particularly the title song, are both an ode to living in the moment and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

“We’ve heard way too many stories of people taking their lives as a result of depression. The statistics are devastating. Suicide is the number one cause of death for Australians around our age. So, we felt compelled to write a song that would aim to speak hope into people’s lives and motivate them to keep going. We wanted to remind people that life has ups and downs. When you feel like you’re at your lowest; there is still hope. Things will get better. Just keep going.”

Hollow Coves

Citing Angus and Julian Stone, Ben Howard and The Paper Kites as strong influences throughout their musical careers, the 11-track album is a stunning collection of work that is simultaneously retrospective as it is adventurous.

The use of orchestral instruments throughout the album as well as their vocals in songs such as Beauty In The Light, reminds of early Coldplay.

The duo have an undeniable skill of unpacking the indie-folk-rock genre and putting their own unique twist on it.

Included on the album is title song Moments, When We Were Young, Anew and Borderlines.  While a strong undercurrent of nostalgia finds itself deeply embedded into each song, their use of lush guitar and smooth vocals conjure an image of coastal adventures and freedom.

Hollow Coves’ debut album Moments is a striking collection which will grab you, hold you and inspire you.

The band will be taking their album Moments on the road in January next year for their own Australian headline tour.

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