New Zealand’s Foley have dropped a juicy new track that delivers something deliciously reminiscent of the 80s.

While their music can often find itself tinged with a deeper and sometimes sadder musical composition, Can’t Help The Way shows a fresh and fun side to Ash and Gabriel who formed Foley in 2017 as a passion project.

“The song is actually fun and carefree and the way you feel listening to it matches. It shows a lot about our personal lives,” says Foley. “After having some rough ups and downs in relationships and friendships, we are showing a shift to a more positive and carefree time in our lives.”

Underlying the song’s pop vibes is an upbeat and optimistic message all wrapped in a funky beat that makes you want to move.

“One thing we love about pop music is packaging topics that might be really difficult to discuss in real life, into a format that allows people to come together and sing out,” says Foley. “It’s important to us to be really honest with the lyrical content because it brings about the most relatable themes and at the end of the day, we want our music to bring people together.”

Incorporating synth textures and pop styled vocals, this song has all the ingredients needed for an addictively fun track. It certainly makes us excited to see what else Foley is cooking up

The accompanying music video is equally as fun and energetic and captures the song wonderfully. Check it out below!

Can’t Help The Way is available across all platforms.