Combine some warm synth, whistling overlay and Aussie hip-hop vocal stylings and what do you get? Brad Jordan’s new track Come Down.

Having dropped on June 14th, Brad’s new single is a major throwback to those familiar memories in high school of sneaking out of the house to go out and party. The track has a major summer-vibe; making it a warm, toasty and welcomed addition this Winter.

Kicking off slow, Come Down builds to a fun and upbeat chorus which heroes synthesized textures alongside Brad’s vocals.

A major theme throughout the song is the sense of freedom in youth and how the decisions from then have impacted his future. The track really grabs the listener and encourages them to think back to their younger years and reminisce on their own rebellious moments and ensuing frivolities.

While Come Down is his first release of 2019, this isn’t Sydneysider Brad Jordan’s first time in the Aussie hip-hop house. Brad began his musical career in his bedroom producing tracks at the age of 17 before working with Sydney based group Rapture.

Since then he has been working to hone in on his own style and has created a sound that is crispy fresh while also somewhere between 360 crossed with Illy.

The track is an appetiser to what Brad has been working on as he is getting ready to follow up the single with an EP, which he wrote in a time of self-navigation.

Come Down is a fun, upbeat track that’s giving us nothing but highs.

Check it out below!