Bec Stevens remembers loved one with visceral ‘James’ Song’



Melbourne-based artist Bec Stevens’ recently released song, James’ Song, taken from her upcoming album BIG WORRY, is an incredibly poignant tribute to a dear friend.

After her beloved friend James McKenzie tragically took his own life in 2019, Stevens re-listened to a song recording she had once received from him, which he had recorded on his phone. 

Upon re-listening, she uncovered a far deeper meaning to the lyrics, a heartbreaking reflection of mental health and the battles that some face everyday.

James’ Song brings many of his loved ones together, including Tye Richo and James’ brother Marcus McKenzie, who each lend their vocals to the final product.

“Despite the pain this song evokes for me, I am grateful for it”

- Bec Stevens 

“Recording and releasing this song felt important to me for many reasons; this is my way of keeping his memory alive," she said.

"I have lost a lot of people in my life, almost all to suicide; I have an overwhelming fear of forgetting them. Especially James.

"Not only was he a beautiful, hilarious and kind human, but he was also an incredible musician and writer.

"Due to his anxiety and nerves, only a handful of very lucky people got to experience his songs and I am very grateful to his family for giving me their love and support to share a little piece of him on this album,” said Stevens.

Leaning on climactic guitar builds and vocals that are equal parts pensive and emotive, it’s a deeply personal penning written with indie-rock ink.

Stevens pours her heart into the rendition to ensure her friend is remembered with every beat. 

Ending the track by including James’ own vocals, pulled from an earlier recording, creating a visceral experience. 

Bec Stevens’ James’ Song is an undeniably powerful listen that’ll have you hooked from the start and hugging your loved ones by the end. 

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