Myylo’s ‘Skinny Boys’ redefines the conversation surrounding self-love

Words by Sam Seedsman

Feeling confident in your own skin when the goal posts on appearance are constantly shifting, is hard enough. Throw queer into the mix and you’re in for a ride.

When your everyday gay clubs are filled with Adonises and their chiselled jawlines, the pressure encourages you to ask questions like ‘Is my body good enough?’ and ‘Could I stand to lose a few?’

Los Angeles based newcomer Myylo understands those pressures and is beginning to breakdown the conversation of body dysmorphia with his new single Skinny Boys. Myylo created a synth-pop fusion to poetically capture the beauty of the human body through this upbeat banger while keeping a pretty serious issue, well; fun!

“The song was inspired by Instagram gays and the way stereotypical male beauty made me feel excluded. I wanted to write a self-love anthem for me and other people who might feel the same way.”

– Myylo

Myylo draws his inspiration for song writing from what influences him spiritually. At the moment he is fascinated by the way men are portrayed in society and how they’re being driven to fit a specific mould.

The song layers rich vocals over an arrangement of melodic instruments that entirely mirrors the mood of the track. The lightness to his tone emanates such a positive vibe and speaks truth to the direction he is going as an artist.

Skinny Boys; produced by Luke Arens and co-written by Myylo, Adam Sample and Barry Cohen, was brought to life over two separate sessions in the space of six months. Myylo divulged and told us he has new music already in the works.

Check out Myylo’s uplifting anthem below!

Feature Image by Alyssa Barker

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