Katie Thorne might hate your girlfriend but she sings about it beautifully

Aussie girl Katie Thorne’s new single I Hate Your Girlfriend is everything I didn’t know I was craving in a new release. *Immediately adds to all Spotify playlists*

A flirty, cathartic track laden with silky vocals and smooth guitar, IHYG dissects the inevitable jealousy and subsequent vilification of an ex’s new beau post breakup.


"IHYG was written as a kind of self-exorcism to placate my very own green-eyed-monster – you know, say the bad thing out loud and then maybe it won’t feel so big. I’ve always been drawn to music that portrays the flawed woman who feels pain.

-Katie Thorne

The accompanying video is a glittery sequence of emotions, party scenes and salacious conversation and is a candid take on healing and eventual acceptance. 

"IHYG video is like a “How-To in reverse”. What not to do in a breakup i.e. obsessively stalk your ex’s social media, irrationally vilify the new girlfriend, fill a void with deliciously processed foods. Or in my case, write a whole song and film a music video about it," Thorne explains.

Thorne’s I Hate Your Girlfriend is a vocally stunning, narrative driven track that is destined to be sung along to. 

Now feast your ears and your eyes below.

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