On Monday night, Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice gifted Brisbane’s The Tivoli with a two-hour production of indie-folk tunes.

Armed with only a guitar, a piano and his signature soothing vocals, Rice’s performance was all round exquisite!

Serenading the crowd with songs such as 9 Crimes, Amie, Volcano and Accidental Babies, he proved himself well worth the wait, having finally returned to Australia after 10 years.

His ability to tell delicate tales through powerful vocals and gusto on the guitar carries you away to a faraway state.

One of Rice’s most endearing qualities was his happiness to interact with the audience, irrevocably adding to his on-stage charm.

Playing to a sold-out crowd, Rice intertwined humour throughout the evening while offering insight into the story or meaning behind some of his lyrics.

Allowing a snapshot into his thinkings, he shared his thoughts on romantic songs which sing of needing and taking from a lover, before pointing out love should be about giving.

“I’ve got a lot to give, whether it’s wanted or not. Like a fruit bowl on a table,” he said, the sentiment preluding the song Your Astronaut.

Happily taking requests from the audience, the singer performed Stoic and (most of) Colour Me In before charmingly admitting a momentary blank on the lyrics. Thankfully fans were quick to join in song.

Paying the piano and guitar equal attention throughout the evening, he kept the audience entrenched as he unveiled his musical narrative song by song.

The Brisbane performance was wonderfully intimate, a very fitting quality given the honest and emotive nature of his music.

Allow Damien Rice to whisk you away on a dreamy escape as he creatively blends together the guitar, piano and poetic lyrics.

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