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Chelsea Berman discusses musical shift and calling out bad behaviour in new single ‘Obsessed’

Country singer-songwriter Chelsea Berman has made the leap into new musical territory, embracing a pop flavour as she explores her evolving creativity with new single Obsessed

While acknowledging country music as a core piece of herself,  Chelsea is excited by how her experience in the genre can work hand in hand with her new creative license.

“Country music will always be a huge part of me, but over the last year or so I’ve really been leaning in to pop artists and gaining a lot of inspiration from them, which has then transitioned into my music and my new sound,” she says of the shift. 

“I love that pop music really lets artists experiment, and that’s where I see myself at this stage in my career.

“I think country music has shown me how to write really honestly and add storytelling to my songs, which is something I definitely bring with me when creating pop music.

“Country music is usually very authentic, and I love that we are seeing a lot more of that in pop music too.”

Chelsea’s new track Obsessed, is a layered pop anthem which draws on her personal experience working within the music industry and the difficulties she faced. 

What began as a cathartic experience of her penning her thoughts turned into a track she hopes many can relate and turn to. 

Obsessed is all about someone I used to work with in the industry that would not stop spreading lies about me,” she says. 

“Once I found out that this was happening, the song poured out in about 20 minutes. 

“It was really just me getting my anger out, but it turned into a song I really liked and I hoped other people would relate to also!”

Chelsea’s fanbase have demonstrated an unwavering support, catapulting her EP Can You Just Not to the top of the iTunes Country charts in 2021. Three years and a new genre later, Chelsea says that support has not waned. 

My existing fanbase has been so supportive every time I’ve tried something new, and I appreciate them so much for that.

Even though my sound has evolved a lot since Can You Just Not, I think I bring a lot of the same honesty and sass to my music which my fans respond well to.


Delving into themes such as confidence and power, Obsessed is but the taster of the musical catharsis she has in store. 

“Confidence is something I’ve struggled with my whole music career, but I finally feel like I’m breaking my walls down and not caring as much what other people think!" she says. 

"Obsessed is a new chapter in my musical journey and the themes that it portrays will definitely be woven throughout all of my music in the future.

“I hope that people feel confident and powerful after listening to Obsessed, because that’s definitely how I felt writing it!

"I want people to know that you can put people in their place that have wronged you, I think everyone can relate to someone talking about them behind their back, no matter what their age!”

With her previous singles having been praised for their authenticity and honesty, particularly when considering past tracks such as Break Up With a Friend, the singer-songwriter ensures these qualities remain integral by staying true to herself first and foremost. 

For me as an artist, I’m never going to write or record a song just because I think other people will like it. My songs always have to mean something to me, and that’s always going to remain integral to my music. No matter what genre I write, I always want to be a part of the writing process for my songs and write words that I can relate to - not just what other people want to hear!

"In the wise words of Taylor Swift, genres are a way for people to easily categorize music, but it doesn't have to define you. It doesn't have to limit you. As musicians I always think we just have to stay true to us, which can be super tricky to do when outside forces are telling you to do something, and you don’t feel like that is authentic to you. I think experimentation is so important and a vital part of being a musician!"

When dreaming of the future, Chelsea names a plethora of powerhouse artists as dream collaborators, demonstrating her love for the genre.

“Some of my favourite writers and artists include Maisie Peters, Fletcher, Peach PRC, G Flip and Sabrina Carpenter," she says.

"Writing with any of these artists would be a dream come true, and I’d also love to collaborate with another pop artist on releasing a song together - so that’s something I will be exploring in the next year!”

With a successful track record in multiple genres, the artist is eager to continue exploring and creating and has big plans on the horizon. 

“I’m heading back to Nashville in June to write for my next project, and you can expect a lot more sass, experimenting with sound - and honest storytelling! I can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’m doing next.”

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