Words by Natalie Turner

Transitioning from classical to electronic, songstress Karmel Jäger is laying out her talent on a silver platter and inviting us all to take a bite out of her sonic journey. With her EP soon to be released later in the year, she has surely set the bar high with her latest synth driven single, Trafalgar Square. This track has us buzzing as her woven sound is nothing like we’ve heard before.

Trafalgar Square begins with a slow stream of delicate keys that are lifted gently by Jäger’s melodic “ohhs’ and ahhs”. The slow building bed enlists the power of anticipation before seamlessly transitioning into a delicately layered masterpiece.

Initially honing her craft as a classical singer at the Sydney Conservatorium and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London; Jäger’s new track is a testament to her classical background. Much like early morning winter air, her crystal-clear chorus and vocal sharpness leaves you breathless and refreshed.

There’s a sense of clarity in her voice, its definition makes her vocals – without a doubt – the hero element of this track. Along with a familiar, foot tapping vibe you will often find in the electronic genre, Jäger has created her own rendition by showcasing her production skills through intricate synth claps, twinkling piano keys and warped vocals.

Filled with weaves and dips the track truly is unique. With the inclusion of a big, red, novelty bow, a beautifully gifted surprise awaits you around each corner and leaves you wanting more as you continue to partake in the journey Trafalgar Square perfectly paves for its listeners.